Create the ultimate B4 E-Cruizer

It’s all up to you. With our classic All Black or Indian Red bike, you customize the saddle, tyres and handgrips. Let your imagination run riot as you assemble your dream bike.


B4 Bikes also offers the option of designing your very own B4 E-Cruizer, from scratch. For a unique personalized design, contact us, and let´s explore the limitless possibilities together. Our boundaries are that we have none.

Get your engine running

Our E-Cruizers are equipped with a sophisticated embedded technology. The powerful 250W-1000W electric engine is located in the front wheel, making its forward-driven pickup formidable. The design is fashioned out of the dependable drum brake from back in the day, therefore ensuring uncompromised performance excellence.

Display for smart driving

The control console is located in the middle of the E-Cruizer’s handlebar. This smart management system enables the rider to switch the lights on and off, manage speeds of up to six different levels, and monitor the battery capacity at any given moment. There is also a USB connector, so you can charge your smartphone.

Distinctive electronics

The B4 Lithium Ion Battery Pack has a capacity of 20 Ah – 36 Volt. These are managed by the embedded Battery Management System (BMS). This BMS controls the battery charge and discharge. An empty battery just takes five hours to charge fully.

Battery pack to go the distance

Deliberately placed in the middle of the frame, the cylindrical design is a real eye catcher. The heart and soul of your B4 E-Cruizer, referring to the motor block of a Harley Davidson from 1912. It contains the battery pack as well as the electronics. This powerful combination provides a 200-kilometers radius of action.

Easy acceleration

The NuVinci technology is an ingenious part of the E-Cruizer’s characteristics, ensuring a seamless and automatic switch. Thanks to this feature, the E-Cruizer makes peddling virtually effortless, and most importantly, enjoyable. B4 Bikes prides itself on its efficiency. By minimizing strenuous physical effort, riders can relish every relaxing moment spent atop the E-Cruizer’s saddle.

Brake freely when you want to

The brakes are without a doubt one of the most important aspects of your bike. Hassle-free slowing down will render every cruize a smooth-sailing experience. All E-Cruizers are equipped with hydraulic front and rear disc brakes, designed to control speed. Each brake is coursed by an electrical current, which ensures that the motor drive stops instantly and on demand, should riders feel the need to come to a standstill.

Big Bikes Bright Lights

B4 Bikes were built to shine. The E-Cruizers features the pulse wide modulation technology. It is the most effective way to obtain visibility. When the light is in operation, it ensures that the path in front of the rider is crystal clear. The LEDs in the headlight are arranged in a matrix, and are connected to the control unit. The light can be activated by the B4 Bikes controller, on which it has a designated switch.

The Devil’s into detail, so pick your specifics

Stylize your bike by selecting from various tyre types, colours and models for the following parts:

Speed variants (25 and 40 km/h)

Options for the Handgrips

All-black or white wall tyres

Assign a SADDLE

Choose a color for the leather bag

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