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The B4 E-Cruizer is a hand-built electric bicycle. It is inspired by the design aesthetics of a 1912 Harley Davidson, combined with state of the art technology. With it, one can experience the freedom of a bicycle, coupled with the thrill of a motorcycle. When powered by a fully charged battery, the B4 E-Cruizer is capable of covering a distance radius of up to 100 kilometers, and will make you feel as though you are floating. If you happen to be an adventure seeker, all you have to do is initiate the E-Cruizer’s pedal-activated motor, ride high, relax and electrify.

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Do you remember that liberating sensation you had as a child, when playing was worry-free? With you in mind, that’s the feeling we want to bring back. We build the finest retro e-bikes to prize you away from the restrictions of your everyday lives, whether it be your job, your car, or your duties. The B4 E-Cruizer gives you the chance to be your true self; to re-engage with moments of pure freedom. Isn’t that what you’ve been longing for? With our design excellence, proven over years of technological research, you can now feel the wind in your sails again. At last, you’re in charge.

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The Real Deal

Fun, fearless, freedom. The B4 E-Cruizer, in all its glory, captured in a minute-long clip. Press play and catch a glimpse into the exciting world of B4 Bikes.

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We’re willing to let you test drive our E-Cruizers, to demonstrate how awesome they are. We know nothing beats the feeling of cruizing on a B4 Bike, so if you swing by one of our various dealerships, located in Amstelveen (nearby Amsterdam) or Gouderak, you can discover it for yourself. Drop us a line below to book an appointment, and we’ll make it happen.

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