Built to inspire and to seduce

Our story

The B4 E-Cruizer is a hand-built electric bicycle. It is inspired by the design aesthetics of a 1912 Harley Davidson, combined with state of the art technology. With it, one can experience the freedom of a bicycle, coupled with the thrill of a motorcycle. Cruize into the past, while enjoying the features and comfort modernity has to offer.


Stylish and cool, nostalgic and fashion forward. The B4 E-Cruizer is inspired to seduce. Designed for individuals the world over, who enjoy the good things in life. If you have an appetite for adventure, and aren’t afraid of following your own path, then the E-Cruizer is the bike for you.


Cruizing the city streets or country roads is guaranteed to be a great experience. The B4 E-Cruizer will make you feel as though you are floating. With our e-bikes, you’re able to reach a distance of up to 100 kilometers, on a fully charged battery’s power. Are you ready for adventure? Start your E-Cruizer, relax, feel like a rock star and finish your ride with a big smile.

Experience the freedom of a bike, with the thrills of a motorcycle

Test ride the B4 E-Cruizer

We’re willing to let you test drive our E-Cruizers, to demonstrate how awesome they are. We know nothing beats the feeling of cruizing on a B4 Bike, so if you swing by one of our various dealerships, located in Amstelveen (nearby Amsterdam) or Gouderak, you can discover it for yourself. Drop us a line below to book an appointment, and we’ll make it happen.

Janpeter Eilander

The history

An artist’s dream

Ever since his childhood, Dutch artist Janpeter Eilander has had a dream. An electric bicycle, that would combine two worlds of passion: science and art. Where ratio meets emotion and functionality finds form.


In 2012, Janpeter decided to stop philosophizing and to start acting on the realisation of the electric bike of his dreams. To make the world a more beautiful, playful and sustainable place. Inspired by the ancient Taoism philosophy and the famous Harley Davidson design of 1912, Janpeter entered the adventure and started the project of his life. B4 Bikes was born.

An icon is born

During spring 2012, B4 Bikes proudly presented its first prototype: the E-Cruizer. Hand-crafted in close cooperation with none other than the European Space Agency, B4 Bikes showed the world the result of art and science going hand in hand.


After three years of extensive development in the fields of design, technology and production, the B4 E-Cruizer is one of the superior models in the electric bikes industry. Ready to conquer the world. Fully prepared to become legendary.

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